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Matchstick Solutions Training
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With significant leadership, frontline management and sales experience – across multiple industries, we understand what it takes to get the job done effectively.

We specialise in:

Sales Process Reviews and Training:
We can provide a review of your sales process, recommend opportunities for improvement and co-develop effective solutions that integrate into your business to deliver your business goals. Do you have a great product but are frustrated that you are not getting the door open?  Are you missing sales conversion opportunities and don’t understand why, convinced you had the sale but it did not proceed? The solution is often easier than you may think - talk to us to us about a sales solution to suit your business.

Product Training:
Grounded in an engineering background, we offer product training and demonstrations as one of our services. We have supported & provided training in the automotive, medical and industrial sectors, working with the clients on learning goals as the key focus.

What is Leadership and what does it mean to be an effective leader? We meet many brilliant people promoted to leadership positions who struggle with the responsibilities of their role and the mission of leadership. We offer training and coaching for individuals and leadership teams to develop the skills required to be a truly effective leader, so that they do what they are meant to do – lead

Front Line Management:
The Matchstick Solutions team know what it’s like to step up and manage a team.  It can prove challenging for the individual, the team and the organisation involved. We offer training and coaching for managers to make this transition smoother. We work with the organisation and the individual to help them understand  their role, determine what is expected from them and increase their effectiveness. From simple performance management frameworks to effective communication techniques, we work with you to design a solution that delivers results.

Adult Learning

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Matchstick Solutions can offer commercial training under the AQF Framework.

Qualified under Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, we can provide resources that both deliver accredited courses for RTO’s or we have the capability to design, deliver and assess commercially focused and Certificated training through our partnerships developed with accredited local RTO’s. We cover training from Diploma in Management through to Certificate 1 in Business and a wide range in between.

With broad training experience and a successful history of delivering successful commercial outcomes at a senior level, all combined with professionalism and passion, Matchstick Solutions can provide a customised training solution for your organisation.




Change Integration

Matchstick Solutions Change Integration
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Most change projects do not go as planned – FACT.

 Whether it is an IT rollout, organisational restructure, process change or project execution – people just seem to get caught in the crossfire, whether they realise it or not!

Excellent projects do not fail because the solution is incorrect, they fail because we have failed to understand the impact the change has on people and manage it accordingly – right from the planning phase.

Our experience in major change gives us the confidence to assist you in ensuring your project rollout is as smooth as possible.

We focus on the people and utilise proven methodologies - all the while ensuring our “less is more” philosophy is upheld and delivering you pragmatic solutions in simple terms.